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The Speed Shop Bearing Cam/Timing Chain Tensioner. This is a major upgrade compared to the OEM unit, which is a wear and tear item. The Speed Shop tensioner has actual ball bearings on both rollers! The bearings would allow the rollers to keep up with the constant RPM change of high revving performance engines, especially those with 4v high strung engine builds.

Fits all GROM, Monkey, Trail 125, or Super Cub 4 speed engines.


Speed Shop Cam Chain Tensioner - 2014-2020 Honda Grom MSX and 2018-2021 Honda Monkey 125

Black edition tensioner arm Roller bearing design for high rpm engines



  • 2014-2020 Honda Grom 125
  • 2018-2021 Honda Monkey 125
  • 2019-2021 Honda Super Cub 125 C125
  • 2020-2022 Honda Trail 125 CT125



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