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HONDA GROM / MONKEY 4th ROW BEARING. This is a must upgrade to keep you from damaging or breaking your crank!!! Very easy install again works great with stock engine or highly modded and if you’re not running a forged crank you need this bearing! Detailed photos as you can see the bearing shims our custom machined The one that has a shallow shim is the one that goes to the electrode mount the other two have the deeper grooves go to the other side of the bearing you can always contact me with any help as well on the install. When you install the bearing nut on the crank do not use the stock honda, leave it off.Takes 15 minutes to install I also have a picture of a crankshaft that is broke due to not having the fourth row bearing. This is a known problem on the little Grom motor. You see these bearings anywhere from $99-$119 from other suppliers. 


This fourth row bearing kit works on OG, SF, and monkey all years

Fourth Row Bearing Kit

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