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CB300RGrom Conversion 12" wheel kit


This Conversion kit will allow you to transform your CB300R into a low profile corner hugging Grom BEAST!

The Conversion kit is manufactured with only the best, 6061 Alcoa Aluminum to upstand the harshest conditions.

This Kit will also retain front and rear brakes while providing more than enough stopping power.

Whats included?

· Machined billet sprocket spacer

· GCraft front radial mount caliper (works w/ factory or Brembo calipers)

· Factory Honda Machined rear caliper mount for proper wheel alignment

· Upper and lower fork spacers

· Machined billet Rear wheel hub spacer for proper wheel alignment

· Front and rear axles w/ axle nuts

· Machined billet axle spacers

· Custom cut kickstand

Whats needed?

· CB300R

· Honda Grom factory forks

· Honda Grom factory wheels

· 428 chain / 130 link

· Honda Grom factory front wheel fender

· 2 front Honda factory Rotors

· Honda 300 front sprocket

· Honda Grom rear sprocket


****THIS KIT IS FOR 12" OG SF wheel *****

CB300R small wheel swap kit

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